Big Scout Project

Launching 10.26.10

Hello, hello. I’m Jean Synodinos (it’s easy, say it like this: sin-uh-DEE-nus), and I’d like to welcome you to one possible solution to a mid-life crisis.

On October 26th, 2010, (the Big 5-0 birthday, duly noted), the Big Scout Project launches. It’s a three-year odyssey in which I’ll skip and stumble my way through all the badges in the Junior Girl Scout Handbook. And with over 100 badges currently available to girls these days, what could possibly go wrong? Look for the adventure to be chronicled here, on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube.

Yes, I was a scout for a few years as a kid, but not a particularly committed or ambitious one. I wasn’t interested in earning all the badges, and there were about 40 of them back then. Like most kids, I daresay, I liked doing the things I liked and was happy enough to avoid the rest.

Maybe I’m just another late bloomer, but this particular milestone birthday seems like a good excuse to explore all those things I’ve always assumed were of no interest to me, or rediscover things I liked but let slip away over the years. Expecting this to be a love/hate experience, my only hope is that I’m regularly surprised.

More information on the genesis of this project than anyone could possibly want to know can be found on the other pages of this site–cause, ya know, a Girl Scout is always prepared. Finally, as a full disclaimer, I should probably add that this project is in no way affiliated with, or sanctioned/blessed by the Girl Scouts of America. Just thought I should go on the record with that.


4 thoughts on “Launching 10.26.10

  1. What a fantastic idea! As a Brownie leader, I am finding myself discovering at least as much as the girls are. I particularly love your comment about revisiting things that you thought did not interest you. I dislike the “inner child” verbiage, but there is definitely a sense of filling in the blanks from my own childhood. I’m delighted fo follow your journey 🙂

    • Beth, your comment made my day. Yes, you’ve hit the nail on the head. As adults, it’s a small miracle when we remember we can still keep learning–or relearning. Cool, huh?!? Thanks for following, and I’m so grateful for your thoughts! — Jean

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