Big Scout Project

The “BSP How-To Guide”

I was completely taken by surprise when I started receiving emails and a few comments almost immediately after launching the BSP from readers who thought this was a great idea, and wondered if they could do the project as well, right alongside me.

YAY! Why on earth not? Anyone can decide to take on this project–in all, or in part.

The challenge, of course, would be trying to “officially” organize such an endeavor. I don’t (currently) have the time or resources to pull interested folks from across the country into a kind of ad hoc troop. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t alternatives…

In the last couple of days, I’ve been wrapping my mind around ways to help potential “scouts” pursue their own BSP, as well as how to offer a platform for sharing experiences, and I’ve just added a page on this site which I hope can help others. Check out the page called “BSP How-To Guide” (a sub-tab on the the “Track the Project” page). I’ve pulled together some tips to help anyone launch their own adventure (‘cause turns out that it takes a little planning!).

I’d love to hear from anyone who decides to either dip their toe in the water or dive right in. I’d love to invite guest blog posts here (email me at, and Facebook fans are absolutely invited to post their experiences on that page’s wall. Also, I’d urge anyone who takes this on to set up their own blog—I know that this blog is going to be an important tool to keep me on track.

If, down the road, it looks as though there are a growing number of Big Scouts out there, I promise to find a way to pull folks together, such as a bulletin board for sharing experiences and resources, or a larger public site of some kind.

In other words, if the idea piques your curiosity, read more on the “BSP How To Guide” and see what you think. Email me with ideas. And I’ll keep updating that page as I learn more about undertaking this process, too.

Thanks again, everyone, for your enthusiasm and support!


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