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An Observation: Polish Off the Spyglass

Just a Saturday note here: While revving up for this challenge, I’ve gotten pretty familiar with the badges and their requirements in the past few months. I’ve been sorting out what’ll be easy, what’ll be hard, what I should tackle first, that sort of thing.

You know, when you throw a lot of information into the sausage maker, a few tubes come out the other end. For instance, there’s the physical exercise tube, full of movement and sports and difficulty. I’m trying to avoid that one a lot since my idea of exercise has generally been running for the bus.

But it helps to see the sausage tubes, because scheduling tasks intelligently for this project will be of paramount importance. Some are easy and can be done in an afternoon, but others call for travel, time, and more.

For instance, it appears that I’ll have to temporarily (and reluctantly?), relocate to some wintery location for a few tasks.  Austin is not known for snowfall, and everyone here can tell you where they were the last time it happened.   But I must try out some winter sports like snowboarding or skiing, and my only  way out of that would be to persuade the Virtual Troop Leaders that curling (which exists in Austin), qualifies as a winter sport. Though the International Olympic Committee says it IS, I may still face a challenge there; VTL and fellow Austinite Adrienne Dealy has found compelling evidence to the contrary. But we’ll cross that bridge later…

Of course, maybe I should just overcome my fear of snow.

Mostly, however, as I look at the badges and their tasks, I’m seeing real patterns around just how much research and observation a scout has to do to earn these badges. Research, observe, and report. Research, observe, and report. Rinse, lather, repeat.

I like that.

So I’ve  polished off the spyglass, fired up Wikipedia, bought a new notepad, and sharpened the No. 2 pencils.

More badge work updates start on Monday. Have a great weekend!


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