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Watch Germs Grow. Blech.


The cleanliness “gene” skips generations in our family. My grandmother wasn’t known for her housekeeping skills, but you can comfortably lick the floor of my mother’s home–especially her kitchen. Before my husband took over in our kitchen, I’d have said that eating off my kitchen floor was right up there with anything you’ve seen on Fear Factor.

That said, even I know the importance of hand washing. But I’ve never seen the evidence of what happens when you don’t.  The “Let’s Get Cooking!” badge kicks off with a look at the need to cook in a clean environment. So I decided to take at closer look at the obvious first step. Hand washing. Do germs really take over like our mothers constantly warned?

Scouts are asked to take an unwashed apple and cut it up. Handle one half of the apple with your unwashed hands, and seal it in a glass jar. Next, wash your hands and the other half of the apple, placing that squeaky clean version in its own sealed glass jar. Observe the apples over the course of a week, and the results should illustrate how germs on food can result in less-than-appetizing fare.

Watch the work here:

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