Big Scout Project

Mom & ebay: Feeding the Beast Within

When the BSP started to bore its way through my brain like a parasitic worm, I decided I had to have some vintage scout gear. Not wanted to — had to.

My obsession first led me to my mother. Mom throws nothing away, and yet she is the opposite of a pack rat or hoarder. I don’t know how she manages to keep as much stuff as she does, all packed in boxes and paper and bows with immaculate precision. I envision her lovingly folding our baby blankets, tucking away our report cards, and sealing everything with a kiss.

So naturally, mom did not disappoint. Within days, the care package arrived: my old uniform, beret, sash and badges; my coin purse (for bringing dues to meetings–how clever of those scout people); my socks (!); and, my official flashlight, with (swear to God), fresh batteries included.  Only mom would think of adding the fresh batteries, but then again… she was an Assistant Troop Leader, ya’ know.

As if this impressive collection weren’t enough, mom also… get ready… sent HER old junior scout uniform, which, by the way, was a much, much hipper cut than my generation’s get-up.

But even with all of these goodies, the beast in me was not satisfied. I needed more memorabilia, more stuff. And it turns out that my obsession could best be fed by eBay, leaving me to wonder, once again, “how the hell did we get anything done before the Internet?” I was blown away by the amount of used and vintage scout stuff on the site.

Between mom & eBay, I’ve got me a good collection of stuff. Goofy, good stuff, almost all of which will surely make their way into actual projects:

And then, there’s my collection of really good reading material:

Girl Scout Handbooks over the years…


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