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Happy Thanksgiving!

Good years, bad years — they come and go. But once every year we are called upon to take a breath and count our blessings. If we’re lucky, we gather with family or friends to eat a feast, watch a good game and take a long nap.

If you’re like me, your gratitude list grows every year, and I’d like to push the “pause” button on the BSP for just a moment to acknowledge how lucky I am to be living this particular life, right here, right now.

In this very specific moment, I’m grateful for a wonderful husband–especially since the man can cook, and our home smells like happiness right now. Charles, our small home, our sweet dog Freida, are all at the top of my gratitude list, along with my beautiful, loving family back in Pennsylvania, and my brilliant, funny friends here in Austin and scattered across the country. I’m grateful to have a warm and wise stepdaughter, Willow, in my life; Willow and my nieces Emily and Molly remind me what it feels like to be a teen — and why I’m glad those years are ancient history.

I’m grateful to have made it to 50 this year. I, like so many women, got socked with breast cancer in my forties. And as any survivor of any major illness or accident will tell you, every year after that is usually a great one.

I’m grateful for the abundance of ways I get to express myself. Right now, between this project and the new CD (in production), my creative plate doth overflow. I’m grateful to be living in a time when we can communicate globally with the click of a mouse. I trust that, on the whole, humans will continue learning how to use these new powers for good. 😉

I’m grateful for fascinating and honorable work as a public health communications specialist. My work excites me, and I’m not sure a lot of people can say that.

I’m grateful to all who serve our country. Unending thanks to the men and women who put on a uniform to serve us in the armed forces, even if I disagree with most of the policies that put them in harm’s way. Thanks to their families for that sacrifice, too.

I’m grateful to live in a nation where it’s possible to lift a dissenting voice. May we all learn to raise those voices with greater grace, civility and respect than we’ve shown in recent years.

Finally, thanks to you readers who’ve embraced the idea of the BSP right off the bat. May your Thanksgiving holiday be filled with kind words, outstanding food, and love at the table.


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