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The BSP: One Month Old!

Friends, the BSP is celebrating its one-month anniversary,* and my thanks to all for your support–you’ve helped make it an auspicious start, indeed. Only 35 more months to go!

In this first month, this blog has gotten over 1,500 views, and the Facebook page already has hit the 150 “like” mark!

Coming next month…

  • Meet the BSP’s charter “experts” in health/fitness, photography, and textile arts.
  • Watch for results from the first BSP poll, coupled with the launch of Poll #2. There’s still a few days left to answer Poll #1 if you like.
  • More badge updates, highlighting task work accomplished earlier this month when your Big Scout actually slipped off for an adventure-filled 50th birthday vacation. I’m currently writing/editing those posts, but think hiking to a lava flow and zip lining over a jungle canopy.

If you’re enjoying this project, stay tuned for more learning and mayhem. As always, your voices are welcome. And by all means, I invite you to think of that one cool friend who might enjoy hearing about this absurdity–and then share it with him/her. 🙂

Thanks again to everyone for helping me get this project off to a great start. — Jean


*I know, I know — anniversaries are, by definition, celebrations of events as measured by years. But I don’t think we’ve got a word for what I meant… do we?


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