Big Scout Project

Coincidence? I Think Not…

Simple amusements for a Saturday morning: Call it fate, call it an alignment of the stars, call it coincidence. Whatever it is, it raises the hair on the back of your neck just a little.

In the months leading up to the Big Scout Project, a few “coincidences” emerged to suggest this entire idea may have been my destiny all along. Cue the creepy music soundtrack now, and read thusly:

Coincidences related to Girl Scout founder Juliette Gordon Low:

  • Mrs. Low was born October 31, 1860… five days off of what would otherwise have been exactly 100 years from the date of my birth. Okay you say, it’s pretty close, but it’s no cigar. But good grief, that’s pretty close!
  • Mrs. Low and I both endured breast cancer. She eventually lost; I’ve been far luckier. Again, it’s not like we’re the only two women who’ve looked this one in the face, but it is coincidental.
  • Mrs. Low didn’t find the inspiration to found the Girl Scouts of America until she was 51, in the year 1912. At the same point in 2012, I’ll be half-way through this three-year project. Okay, maybe you think I’m stretching it with this one… BUT……….

Coincidence related to the great American novel (and personal favorite) To Kill A Mockingbird:

  • Published in 1960, shortly before my birth, the heroine of this classic is named Jean Louise (hey, that’s my name!), and her nickname was none other than Scout. WOW. This book was always at the top of my list of printed loves, but I’m letting the Scout thing knock my socks off. Of course, the truth is, I was named after my two grandmothers, and my mom has informed me that the book had absolutely nothing to do with my naming. But I’m still crazy about the coincidence.

Individually, these items don’t seem like much, but collectively?

So aren’t there just a few times in your life when you’ve been struck by curious synergies and coincidences? I’m not sayin’… I’m just sayin’.


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