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Plumbing the Depths… (Or, Holy Cr@p! I Fixed the Toilet!)

The toilet may be the common man’s throne, but it’s hardly everyone’s domain. I, for one, have avoided picking up that lid on the tank my entire life, until now.  In all of my 50 years, I’ve never–not once–been curious about the operational end of this equipment, and that’s really kind of crazy when you consider just how much we’ve come to rely on this sacred piece of porcelain.


Let me be clear about my fear of plumbing heretofore: I wouldn’t even turn off the water flow from a pipe in the house without professional help (or Charles, after marriage). Those knobs, and everything to do with water and pipes, seemed like bad voodoo to me, and I’d pay good money to avoid the curse.

Of course, it turns out that turning off the water is just like turning off the garden hose. Well, whaddya know about that!

So for the Ms. Fix-It badge, I had to lift off that toilet tank lid, learn what all those parts in there actually do, and learn how to fix the basic things. As much as I’d planned to avoid this task as long as possible, the damned thing actually needed to be fixed.

We were experiencing periodic “ghost flushes” in our one and only toilet (a low-flow Toro, three years old). It wasn’t running all the time, but once an hour or so, something made the water run. Of course, for those of you in the know, you’d have recognized at once that there was a bit of water seeping past the flap (the rubber stopper at the end of the chain). The water gauge would periodically refill the tank a bit to compensate.

So my job for this task turned out to be a remarkably easy flap replacement, and here’s my big scout proof, if you really, really need to waste a few minutes of your precious life. If you don’t feel like flushing a few minutes down the drain, skip this next video and check out what’s below–it’s not a waste of time at all:

Let’s Be Thankful for Indoor Plumbing

Other than time spent in the great outdoors, I’m betting most of you can recall a time you were without indoor plumbing, at least for any length of time. We should probably take a few minutes then to remember that this is a luxury unavailable in many parts of the world.

Right now, Haiti is suffering a cholera epidemic directly related to last year’s earthquake and the unsanitary conditions that still remain. Take a moment to check out this quick New York Times video about the problem, and a viable solution. You’ll (once again) thank your lucky stars that you live in a first-world country.


3 thoughts on “Plumbing the Depths… (Or, Holy Cr@p! I Fixed the Toilet!)

  1. This made me smile! And we have video proof. Not that I would have not believed you if you had told me that you fixed your toliet. Charles must be so proud.

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