Big Scout Project

Survey SAYS! (Results of BSP Poll #1)

Well, you early adopters of the Big Scout Project had quite an array of responses to the first BSP poll. Take a look:

The volume of “other” responses tells me I didn’t ask some of these questions quite right. A noble attempt on my part to gauge participation and interest in scouting as a kid, but there are far more shades of gray than my options allowed, as illustrated by these “Other” comments:

  • “4-H!”
  • “Was a Brownie for a few months and then the troop disbanded.”
  • “Enjoyed being a scout, earning badges, but it didn’t rule my life.”
  • “No sir. I was a Campfire Girl – a bastard branch of scouting.”
  • “4H—that’s right—in Long Island, yet!”
  • “I was a Campfire Girl until 7th grade, then I was a Girl Scout.”
  • Never a scout. Being one never crossed my mind.”
  • “I was a Brownie, but I never made it to the next level.”
  • “Very enthusiastic, but only wore my uniform on meeting days.”
  • “Was in scouting for about 3 months in a Mormon troop but then moved.”
  • “You need something in between. That would be me.”
  • “A happy scout; sometimes bored, often proud, great memories.”
  • “I was an Indian Princess. Sorry!”

Well, to that last comment, no apologies warranted! In fact, y’all have my thanks for helping me learn how to ask a better question in the future.

BSP Poll # 2 is up: What imaginary superpower do you wish you had?

That’s the new poll question, and it’s now up here and awaiting your savvy input. With the holidays upon us, we’re gonna keep this one open at least through the end of January — but there’s still no need to wait! I’ll be using your responses for task work down the road, so THANKS!

And you’ll always be able to find the archives of this our first, and future polls, right here.


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