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Wrap-up: 1st Quarter, 1st Year (Part I)

Well, gang, the first three months of the BSP have flown by, and I thought I’d take a moment to reflect on a few things so far.

Biggest observation? This thing is kicking my ass.

Yes, that language is not becoming to a scout, but we grown-ups know that sometimes there’s no substitute for an off-color word. It’s our prerogative.

The big upside of the BSP is that doing the tasks is, well, wonderfully “doable.” The unanticipated downside is that documenting the tasks is more time-consuming than I’d originally imagined.  Still, transparency and accountability are at the core of this project, and that’s not going to change. So it’s clear: this adventure calls for serious project management skills.

You only turn 50 once (if you’re lucky), and I did it big. This project launched, and I began recording a new collection of music the very same week.  Production on that continues for another couple of months, then it gets released to the world. My job will continue to warrant great attention (it generally does), and the BSP will march forth one task at a time. So it looks like things won’t be slowing down any time soon.

That’s okay, though. Scouts get a chance to work on time and stress management, too, or as I’ve come to say, “There’s a badge for that.”

Another observation:  Even though this is kicking my ass, the ass in question is still getting bigger.

Yes, friends, I’ve put on weight since this thing started. No doubt the holidays played a part. No doubt it’s harder to slim down as we ladies approach “the change.” And I barely leave the house each January because it’s a horrible allergy season here in Austin.

But mostly, it’s because I’ve been sitting on my backside 14 hours a day at my computer for this, or work, or whatever.

The good news here is that allergy season is almost over, spring is almost here, and I’ve got a BSP Expert to put me through my paces and get me moving again. So look for a large chunk of second quarter posts to focus on exercise. Thank you, in advance, Billy Joe, for kicking my ass in a very good way.

And yep, there’s a badge for that, too (many, actually).

A final observation for today: It’s good to be transparent, but not every post has to be a 2,000 word essay.

Yes, I know — some of these posts have been absurdly long. My thanks to those of you who actually slog through them. A goal for the next quarter: say more with less.

And thus, I end today’s post. More 1st Quarter wrap-up later this week….


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