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Code Cracking for Cookies

I suppose I like a cryptogram as much as the next person, which is to say I’ll do one if there are hours to kill at an airport, the newsstands are all mysteriously shut down, and my iPhone‘s battery is dead.

But scouts are tasked with coming up with a secret coded language, and it’s a lot more fun to reverse-engineer a code than it is to solve it. I mean, who doesn’t like to make up all the rules to their own game?


Make no mistake: this surely wouldn’t stump a government code-cracker, or a Nicholas Cage “National Treasure” type of guy, but I don’t think it’s a cakewalk, either.

So if you like this sort of puzzle, have at it. Your only up-front hint is that it’s appropriate for a President’s Day observance. If you want a few more hints on the rules themselves, see the bottom of this post.

Think  you’ve got it cracked? I will buy a box of Girl Scout cookies and send them to the first person who submits a comment with the correct content. 🙂

Otherwise, look for the answer this Saturday on the blog. Here’s your secret message–get crackin’:


Want some help? Here are the rules to the code:
  1. As you can probably tell, vowels are now represented by numbers. A does not equal 1, but the pattern is consistent once you see it.
  2. The first and last word of each sentence currently have a consistently incorrect number of letters in them. Every other word in a sentence has the correct number of letters in it.

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