Big Scout Project

Final Wrap Up of First Quarter!

In earlier posts this month (here and here), I started my wrap up of the very first quarter of the Big Scout Project. In this final wrap-up post delivered on this last day of February, I am pleased to report that the Virtual Troop Leaders have decided to award me all of the tasks I submitted for approval for the 1st quarter of the BSP’s first year.


Forty-four of these tasks were reported here in the blog between start-up and January 31, 2011. Five tasks were done but not blogged about, and for those I provided proof of completion.

I also asked the VTL’s to “grandfather me in” for 19 tasks that I’ve pretty much nailed over the course of my adult life or otherwise learned for this project’s start-up, e.g.:

  • Cook with a microwave (yes, there’s a task for that)
  • Perform in front of audiences
  • Use a computer in any number of productive ways
  • Use a video camera/make a video

Yes, I’ve learned a few things well getting to middle age.

In short, 68 tasks have been approved for work on 41 badges, and a more complete checklist can be found on this page. The project is, essentially, 1/10 of the way towards completion, but make no mistake–I’m saving the tough ones for down the road!

A Few of My Favorite Things

Hands down, that 50th birthday trip to Hawaii offered the greatest experiences to kick off this project, and nothing could beat hiking to the lava.

But back here in the “real world,” I was most surprised in this first quarter to discover how much fun the kitchen science projects are, and I really love growing crystals and playing with polymers.

And I was equally surprised to realize that I’m terrified of arts and crafts. Time to get over that one.

Coming in March…

Embroidery… weather science… finances… cookies… marketing… jewelry… exercise… and potpourri for $1,000, please.

Thanks to everyone who’s been following the progress and sending the love. As always, you’re invited to share any or all of this project with friends and foes alike. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Final Wrap Up of First Quarter!

  1. Congratulations Jean! Looking forward to continued updates! We need to work “Girl Scout songs” into the mix at some point…

    • Yes, we need some songage in there… I acquired a CD of “hits” off of eBay a few months ago but haven’t been actually dropped it into the CD player yet… Am assuming there won’t be a ton of suspended or diminished chords, though. 🙂

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