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BSP Poll #2: Survey Says…!

Before I sum up the results from the second BSP poll, I’d like to make a strong pitch for participating in the new survey.

Several tasks over a few badges ask scouts to take a look at how stress–and responses to it–can impact health and well-being. I’ve never met an adult who hasn’t experienced stress, so I think we have something to say on the subject.

Please consider taking this 10-question survey. No, it’s not scientific, but it’s fairly thoughtful. It’s completely anonymous, but it’s also safe to assume I’ll quote several comments when I report results in a few months. Go to the Data-Driven Scout to take the poll, or click on this hyperlink below and the poll will pop right up. Thanks!

And now…

The results of BSP Poll #2: What Superpower Would You Most Like to Have?

This appears to be fairly easy for most people. Maybe it’s the influence of comics in our lives, and the powers held by the superheroes we all know:

You know, there were lots of other options, but nobody too the bait. None of these made the cut:

  • Superhuman speed
  • Superhuman intelligence
  • Immortality
  • Stretchy rubberiness
  • Telekenesis/mind reading
  • X-ray vision

And I’d like to give a big shout-out to two “other” responses which I loved:

  • Time travel
  • The ability to make good things happen

Can’t believe I forgot to include time travel in the original list. And that second one? The ability to make good things happen? That’s my favorite one of all.


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