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Inspired, Inspiring Architecture: Contemporary, Sustainable and Totally Prefab!

In last Monday’s post, I shared my love for the architecture and related ambiance of the French Quarter of New Orleans as a task for the Architecture badge. Today, same badge, different task, and I do a backflip in the other direction.


I may adore the architecture of European cities, Quebec, New Orleans — but when I think of my dream home, I make a beeline in the opposite direction. I crave modern minimalism, modular design, and open spaces. And I’m particularly smitten by the contemporary take on “prefab” homes that use recycled and sustainable materials, are energy efficient, can be scaled up or down, and sit upon almost any landscape with simplicity.

Per the task of assembling the images that most represent the architectural ideas that interest me most, here’s a little virtual scrapbook to show you what I mean:

To me, contemporary modular homes are a beautiful trend; I’d love to see us move away from site-built homes in generic-looking subdivisions. They are wonderfully customizable and can have a far smaller environmental “footprint.” Make it big, make it small — all you need is the land with the zoning rights.

Yep. Zoning rights. I’m thinking that the big barrier to this trend will come from a shift in zoning laws. If, for instance, our house was engulfed in flames (seriously — I don’t want that to happen ever ever ever ever), we wouldn’t be able to rebuild a beautiful, low-energy contemporary modular home on our lot. It wouldn’t “fit in.”

And I guess that’s why when I envision my dream home, it’s out there, all alone, in the wilderness.

As the slideshow suggests, personal preferences lean towards homes that are low to the ground, but there are plenty that rise well above the landscape. I say grab a cup of coffee some Sunday morning and Google “modular prefab homes” for some truly inspired images, or check out


2 thoughts on “Inspired, Inspiring Architecture: Contemporary, Sustainable and Totally Prefab!

    • These guys are amazing, and I’m sorry I neglected to include them in my post, so thanks for the link! If we stumble into a lot in a subdivision that doesn’t have zoning restrictions prohibiting this kind of construction, these guys would be my first call. Buy Local!!

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