Big Scout Project

The BSP: Six Months and Counting

It’s the inevitable march of time, and like many, I find myself running in its wake, trying to catch up, a bit out of breath. The calendar reveals, to my shock, that this project is six months old. That means it’s time to get some “official” approval on the badge work done, and that should get reported by the end of May.

But what has this second quarter revealed?

Mostly, I’ve learned a bit about energy management as I juggle many things I love — this project, songwriting/performance, my job, and, of course, my family. With competing priorities, my pace on this project slowed in the second quarter. I’m okay with that, because, like the rest of my life, this project is a marathon and not a sprint.

I anticipated some tasks would get done that didn’t (photography, for instance), and I thought, naively, that by now I’d be exercising without fail every day (this one’s on its way, but it’s still far from habit). The blog went from three posts/week down to two while I’m putting more energy into finishing and releasing a new CD this summer. Shifting that little bit of extra time has been a great stress reducer.

Speaking of stress (I’m decidedly against it), have you taken the BSP stress survey? Am waiting until there’s a decent sample size to report results. 🙂

While I felt quite the pull towards those kitchen science tasks in the first quarter, I veered into some arts and crafts in the past few months, and have actually worn some of the jewelry I made out in public, without reservation. In this, I take some pride. The second quarter also included the first guest posts, and I’m committed to presenting more of those voices.

Plans for the next quarter? They’re not fully formed, but I can very happily announce that I’m going to get some genuine training on camping and the outdoors next month. I am told I will learn to light a fire with one match, and this thrills me if for no other reason that my inability to light a fire with a lighter was the tipping point that drove me to this project anyway.

Finally, a little perspective:

Yesterday, a brutal tornado ripped apart the city of Tuscaloosa, AL. As of this moment, the death toll there is 128 and expected to rise. Last month, thousands were killed by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan; the condition of nuclear reactors left standing could not be worse, and radiation has made its way into the Japanese food system and has even reached California. Back here in the U.S., in an effort to dig our way out of a fiscal hole, budgets have been slashed for the programs that help the neediest and educate our children–and this death by a thousand cuts isn’t over.

In other words, life may be a marathon, but we can only truly put our attention on the here and now. There’s no telling when the rug gets pulled out from underneath us. May we all be lucky enough to enjoy this day, learn something new, and do something kinda nice for someone else.

Oh, yeah — and Be Prepared.


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