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Potpourri: BSP at Six Months

These quarterly markers are a good time for me to reflect on what’s been going on with the ol’ project here. You may be bored to tears by it, but it’s one of those project management things I hear ought to be done with some regularity.

Quick updates:

First, I’m officially taking a two week vacation from blogging to regroup and recharge. I’ll be back mid-month with fresh posts for fresh tasks. Scout’s honor.

Second, this weekend I’m a-going camping! First time in many years, and probably the first time I’ll really learn how to do it right. Why? Cause I’m going with guest blogger Stacy Lieder. Stacy volunteers much of her time each year helping other adults build the skills they need to be great troop leaders. Her specialty? The Great Outdoors. So I expect to get a lot of learning done this week. Stacy’s even promised that I’ll walk away knowing how to build a fire, which is particularly meaningful if you know much about me. Of course, we won’t actually light the fire–there’s quite the burn ban down here–but I’ll at least know how to build that puppy.

The numbers:

Last week was the official end to the first half of the first year, marked by a few observations, and that means it’s time for me to riff on the data–a few quantitative measures, just because I love numbers.

In  this quarter, the blog received 1,771 hits which ain’t bad, but not as fabulous as the first quarter. I’ve been remiss in promoting this little project to possible fans, and it shows.

Halfway through this quarter, I moved from posting three 3x/week to twice/week, which really impacted the numbers. The busiest days in the first quarter were Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays (post days), but since the switch, Saturdays have tanked with an average of (drum roll, please) about six hits a day.

(It begs the question:  Increase readership? Or maintain saner posting schedule? Not sure… will try to work this one out.)

Mondays and Thursdays would have remained the busiest days, but there was a one-day aberration: Tuesday, April 5th saw an unusually high number of hits following a post on General Motors stock. That stat made this the blog’s biggest week since it rolled out, too. Interesting…

In the second quarter, there were, curiously, 31 posts and 31 comments. Two posts were contributed by guests Stacy and Jan Seides, and I still think this blog’s a great place for good stories. I say more of that, please!

I’d love to report the list of most-viewed posts, but I can’t seem to find a sort function within WordPress that would allow a quick look at that data historically. I could go back through every post and analyze the stats, but that’s something I’d be inclined to do some Sunday afternoon while watching a Yankees game on TV. It’d be good for me to know what kind of post gets the most hits, but it aint’ gonna happen today…

The YouTube Channel rocks on with a total of 1,153 views since the BSP started. Only four videos were added to the BSP YouTube channel this month, so that’s a reminder to shoot more footage! While I can’t monitor specific stats on a quarterly basis, here are the top five most-viewed videos on the site:

  • Growing Crystals: Kitchen Science 101 (Posted 12/12/10 – 289 views)
  • Fun with Polymers! (Part 1) (Posted 12/26/10 – 230 views)
  • How to Make a Christmas Tree Door Decoration with Old Compact Discs (Posted 11/28/10 – 132 views)
  • Welcome to the Big Scout Project (Posted 10/16/10 – 128 views)
  • Fun with Polymers! (Part II) (Posted 12/26/10 – 61 views)

The Facebook page topped 200 likes, but I’m still writing lousy tweets and doing little to up those numbers. I know what I need to do — just looking for the bandwidth to get it done. Maybe on vacation??

The Flickr portfolio has 121 photos in it (with many more to be added), and looks to me as though the Hawaii pix rock on as the crowd favorites. Golly, that really was a great trip. Total pic views: 1,679. Whatever.

The tasks themselves:

I cut back on the posts, but there were still a number of tasks undertaken which didn’t make it to these virtual pages. Mostly because they weren’t all that interesting. Mostly because they were about exercise.

Nonetheless, I’ve met many times with our BSP Fitness Expert Billy Joe Young, we’ve been doing the workouts, and he’s signed off on a few tasks which I hope the Virtual Troop Leaders will find it in their hearts to approve.

The official list of tasks for this quarter can’t be posted until I’ve submitted them with cookies and thanks to the Virtual Troop Leaders. Look for the final count at the end of May. It’s less than the first quarter, and I’m a little behind, but it’s all good!

Okay, I’m off to launder the sleeping bag. See you in a couple of weeks!!!


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