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Make a Fire Starter

Gang, this is the second of several posts covering some of the things I learned during a recent camping training for adult scout leaders and volunteers. In the first post, I proved that, against all conventional wisdom, I’m actually capable of starting a fire with a single match.

But we’re not always lucky enough to be camping in sunny, dry weather, are we? And because that scout motto is “Be Prepared,” it doesn’t hurt to have some kind of fail-safe fire starter in case conditions are bad for a normal fire (or you just don’t feel like collecting the wood).

Here’s a groovy fire starter you can make at home any time. Dump ’em into a baggie and bring along on your next camping trip. It’s ridiculously easy, and it may be the only thing in the world that makes use of dryer lint!

(And apologies in advance for the jittery video. The original footage was fine–not sure what happened in “translation.”)

Now that we’ve got the fire starters made, the next post will show how to make a scotch oven. After that, we’ll put the two together to bake something dee-lish!


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