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Make a Box Oven (aka Scotch Oven)

The box (or scotch) oven is easy to make and great for camping trips.

A what? Don’t you mean a dutch oven? Nope. I mean a scotch oven, so named because a liquor box is perfect for the job. I learned this “technology” at a recent camp training, and I was smitten by its capacity to actually bake a meal or dessert.

In the video below, you can see how a scotch oven is made (incredibly easy), and in the next post, I’ll show you how to actually bake something in it.  Again, apologies for the jittery nature of the video. Methinks my software needs an upgrade or something!

In the next post, I’m baking up some key lime squares and putting them to the taste test.

And oh, yeah — Happy Memorial Day! Hope you’re enjoying the long weekend and unofficial start of summer. Me? I happen to be camping as this blog post goes up… 🙂


One thought on “Make a Box Oven (aka Scotch Oven)

  1. Loving this series! While I was always good with fire building, I have never before heard of the fire starter or the scotch, (or in your case vodka) oven. This looks like so much fun and I can’t wait to see how you cook in it!

    P.S. And if I ever get marooned on a deserted island with a group of people, I want you to be one of them. Yes, that would be a sucky thing for you, but a really good thing for me!)

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