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Love on Four Paws

I love that there’s a badge for pet care. Sure — sign me up for a badge that let’s me do what I already love doing: caring for Freida. Like many of you, the benefits of that kind of love so far outweigh the responsibilities that come with it that it’s just a no-brainer.


A task for this badge calls for scouts to take care of a pet for two weeks and describe time it took, the things that were fun, and the things that weren’t.

Look, the only thing that’s really not fun about Freida is her bark. Sadly, when she lets loose, it’s an incredibly annoying pitch–a full-fledged yap. Ugh.  The good news is she responds quickly to commands to hush up.

What he said.

What he said. And yes, this is Freida. And the rainbow was for real.

We haven’t been able to keep her from jumping up on people, such is her excitement to greet them. We continue to work on that one. But far as I can see, though, that’s about the extent of the downsides. Freida comes when called, she sits, lies down, and shakes paws. She heels when I remember to ask her to. And she loves to kiss people, especially the women and kids.

The fun parts are pretty much everything else, which you can pretty much tell by the title of this blog post. Personally, I like our morning walks around Town Lake, and I truly love the energy with which she greets me when I walk in the door — especially when I’m coming home from an out of town trip.

Freida’s Summer Cut

Last week, I bought a hair clipper and gave her a summer haircut. I fully expected that the whirring noise would scare her, but she just stood there and let me go to town. No fear, full trust, and I pretty much love that, too.

In an earlier post, I looked at the cost of owning a pet. I suppose that’s a kind of downside, but seems to me we spend about the same for car insurance each year, and there’s no doubt which matters more to me at the end of the day.

Another task for the badge asks scouts to put together a scrapbook of their pet(s). I know, I know — photos of someone’s dog are a little like photos of someone else’s baby: one is generally enough.

But in the spirit of the task, here’s my two-minute video scrap book of the one and only amazing Freida, offered up to show just one more way in which love walks the world.

Now, wanna tell me something wonderful about your pets?


2 thoughts on “Love on Four Paws

  1. Frieda is so cute. We had problems with Lani jumping on people until I changed from saying ‘don’t ‘or ‘down’ to saying ‘all four feet on the floor’. I guess it changed the energy of what I was trying ot get across to her. It also seems to be helpful if I tell her when someone is coming. I know she does not understand every word I am saying but she seems to comprehend something and doesn’t get quite as excited.

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