Big Scout Project

Final Wrap-Up of the BSP’s 2nd Quarter, Year 1

In a recent post, I started a wrap up of the second quarter of the first year of the Big Scout Project. In this final wrap-up post for the quarter just passed,  I am pleased to report that the Virtual Troop Leaders have decided to bless all of my efforts and acknowledge completion of the 41 tasks I submitted for approval. YEE HAW!!!!

Twenty-four of these tasks were reported here in the blog between February 1st and April 30th. Fifteen tasks were done but not blogged about (they made dull reading), but I provided the VTLs with proof of completion. The total 41 tasks represented work on 26 badges.

If you follow this project, you may recall that each badge (there are around 100 of them), requires scouts to complete 6 tasks to earn it. Adding to the first quarter’s totals, work on 61 badges has been started, 109 tasks have been accomplished, and one badge has been completed (Computer Fun — and I never would’ve guess that would be the first to get checked off).

The current overview can be found on this page.  Essentially, the project is 1/6 done, and while I’m mathematically on track to pull it off, the toughest tasks are still (far) down the road.

A Few of My Favorite Things

It was time to dip my toe into the world of arts & crafts, and I have to confess, my favorite activity for the second quarter turned out to be making jewelry out of clay beads. I’ve actually worn the stuff, without hesitation, on a few occasions–pretty atypical for me, actually.

I also started — gulp — exercising with BSP fitness expert Billy Joe Young. We Skyped a lot of workouts, and he worked really hard and lovingly to find a way to help me integrate simple things into my daily life. Changing habits is hard work though, and it’s now my job to do it. Exercise has never been one of my favorite things, except I generally feel pretty darned good after it’s over. Am currently working on the theory that if I just do it enough, I’ll get hooked on feeling as good as I feel when it’s over, and it’ll outweigh the inertia generated when my ass meets a chair.

I didn’t get to work on the photography badge like I’d intended in this past quarter, and that’s gotta change, for sure. If not this third quarter, hopefully the fourth quarter of the year!

That’s the wrap up. Thanks to everyone who’s been following the progress and sending the love. And as always, you’re cordially invited to share any or all of this project with friends and foes alike–here, on Facebook, or on Twitter.


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