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Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia Goodness!!

Way back near the start of the BSP, I got cooking on the “Collecting Hobbies” badge and decided that my collection of choice would be the magical, magnificent Chia Pet. Early readers got a full history of the Chia pet, as well as the ground rules I was setting for my collecting habit, based, of course, on the wisdom of the scout handbook…


Chia Pet Collection

Chia Pet Collection

I can now report that I believe my collection is complete (at least for the foreseeable future).  I searched Craigslist, Freecycle, and stores regularly, but the truth is I never found any Chia Pets  — new or used — anywhere but on eBay.

I’d set a budget for each Chia Pet, spending no more than $15 on each, including tax, shipping and handling. This, it turns out, made life just a bit tougher, since new products all retail for over $15. But eBay is the Land of the Bargain — and those last-second bidding wars sure can get the adrenalin going. If I hadn’t set a limit to the collection of between 8-10 “pets,” things might have gotten out of hand…

But here’s my inventory, along with price paid, in order of acquisition:

    • Statue of Liberty (new): $7.49 winning bid, plus $7.02 shipping = $14.51 ($0.49 under budget)
    • Spongebob Squarepants (new): $2.24 winning bid, plus $8 shipping = $10.24 ($4.76 under budget)
    • Rabbit (used): $3.99 winning bid, plus $7.02 shipping = $11.01 ($3.99 under budget)
    • Shrek (new): 1.99 winning bid, plus $7.90 shipping = $9.89 ($5.11 under budget)
    • Elephant (new) $3.99 winning bid, plus $5.00 shipping = $8.99 ($6.01 under budget)
    • Bart Simpson (new) $4.99 winning bid, plus  $9.00 shipping = $13.99 ($1.01 under budget)
    • George Washington (new) $9.99 winning bid, plus $6.75 shipping = $16.74 ($1.74 over budget)
    • Obama (the “Determined” pose, new) $10.00 winning bid, plus $8.50 shipping = $18.50 ($3.50 over budget)

Now, I really, really wanted the George Washington and Obama Chia  Pets, and after months of shopping, it was clear that I’d have a real problem getting them in under budget. But because I’d been under budget by $21.37 with my first seven purchases, I gave myself permission to go a little over budget for my simple wish list. After all, what better way to prove my love of country than a couple of presidential vessels for growing seeds high in Omega 3?

Readers of the BSP know that I also tried my hand at making a Chia Pet — a little visualization of our dog Freida — so that was no extra cost.

And now, I invite you to enjoy this little video  of my collection as it grows…

Want more Chia goodness? Check out the original Chia pet commercial and the Obama Chia commercial!

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