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Potpourri: The BSP at Nine Months

I’ve forced them on readers before, but these quarterly markers are a good time for me to reflect on the BSP’s progress, such as it is.  And, to my shock and amazement, the project is now nine months old. Holy cow.

Quick updates:

First, I’ve just made the switch from PC to Mac. Hallelujah. My poor PC was a sad, depressed, arthritic, slow poke. Its retirement was inevitable. The downside, of course, is that I’m learning a new platform, and learning how to organize information differently and maximize efficiencies. One thing Microsoft has going for it is their OneNote program which made it crazy-easy to organize a project like this. I’m trying the Evernote app for Mac; it’s the closest substitute I can find right now, but there’s a learning curve. Feel free to comment if you’ve got any thoughts on this…

Also — and I know this is “PC thinking” — it seems like it was easier to organize photos and videos for this project with the PC. Mac’s iPhoto organizes by events and albums and faces — but not sub-events and sub-albums — so I don’t think I can create a hierarchy based on badges.  My sister uses a Mac and shoots tons of photos for her blog, so I gotta check in with her on this.

And I haven’t even opened up iMovie or Garage Band yet. No question I’ve made the right switch — I just need to reconfigure some of my own mental hard-wiring and learn a few things. C’est la vie!

The numbers:

You know me, I’m a little geeky about data, so it’s time for a few quantitative measures… 

In  this quarter, the blog received only 1,273 hits which tells me I’m a complete slacker when it comes to sharing this project with the world. I know, I know, I’ve said this before, but I’ve actually got an excuse this time: I’ve had a ton of travel for work in the past quarter, and I’ve been trying to ready a new CD for release as well (more on that in the next quarter, cause there are actually badge tasks I can earn for that work). Anyway, I’ve made a promise to myself to really kick this blog into gear at the start of the project’s Year 2. The new CD will have been released, travel will have slowed down (I think), and all should be well…

There were no guest bloggers in this quarter: BOO!!!!  My bad — I need to do a better job of having some great people talk about either their experience in scouting or their middle-aged quests to live a wider existence.

I’d love to report the list of most-viewed posts, but I can’t seem to find a sort function within WordPress that would allow a quick look at that data historically. I could go back through every post and analyze the stats, but that’s something I’d be inclined to do some Sunday afternoon while watching a Yankees game on TV. It’d be good for me to know what kind of post gets the most hits, but it aint’ gonna happen today…

The YouTube Channel slowly rocks on, and videos have gotten a total of 1,923 views since the BSP started through the channel or YouTube search views. Seven videos were added in this quarter, and the videos on making/baking in a Scotch (box) oven got the most views. While I can’t monitor specific stats on a quarterly basis of all the videos that have been uploaded, here are the top five most-viewed videos on the site since the project began:

  • Growing Crystals: Kitchen Science 101 (Posted 12/12/10 – 449 views)
  • Fun with Polymers! – Part 1 (Posted 12/26/10 – 429 views)
  • How to Make a Christmas Tree Door Decoration with Old Compact Discs (Posted 11/28/10 – 182 views)
  • Welcome to the Big Scout Project (Posted 10/16/10 – 140 views)
  • Inspired, Inspiring Architecture: Contemporary, Sustainable, and Totally Prefab! (Posted 3/13/11 – 131 views) 

The Facebook page is still hovering at 200 likes, and Twitter’s numbers are about the same from last quarter as well. I know what I need to do — just looking for the bandwidth to get it done. Again… start of Year 2!! 

The Flickr portfolio has 121 photos in it (same as last quarter, cause I’ve not had time to upload more), but the real problem is that I can’t seem to access the project’s page!! Clearly I’m having log on issues — easy enough to figure out, ut I can’t tell you how many views the pix have had. Man, I’m feeling data-challenged right now.

The tasks themselves:

This quarter started off with yours truly learning a lot about camping and the great outdoors. AMAZING stuff for a simple city girl. I want more. I want more. I want more.

The rest of the quarter was a true variety show, with the most enjoyable task coming from fabric design. Who’d a thunk?!

The quarter also included some bummer tasks — yes, they exist — including some mourning over the end of NASA’s manned space program and a look at debt. Tough times call for tough tasks, though.

As usual, it’s now time for the VTLs to weigh in on my efforts, and I’ll report those results once they’re in. That’s it!


One thought on “Potpourri: The BSP at Nine Months

  1. I swear. If I could ever figure out how to really make Stave fly, I’d want you on the staff as one of the writers. I have always loved your pen.

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