Big Scout Project

Wrap Up of the 3rd Quarter, Year 1

Friends, I’ve been absent for two weeks, a direct result of competing priorities. Ah, life… Half of that time was spent in travel for work. The other half was essentially spent staying cool; the heat and drought here in Texas is absolutely impacting the psyche of every living creature.

I’m also still experiencing a learning curve with the new Mac — especially around file organization — but 20 years with a PC is bound to have that effect on anyone.

I’m back in the saddle for the fourth quarter of the first year, however, and before those posts start a-comin’, I’m happy to report that those incredible Virtual Troop Leaders have reviewed the third quarter’s work and have approved 39 tasks on 22 badges. This quarter marks the first time the VTL’s had to nix my work on one task as insufficient. Bravo to them for holding me to a standard here!

The full tally for the project thus far is right here. I’m a bit behind in my task count; it feels unlikely I’ll actually finish every task for every badge over the course of three years. But I suppose these are the moments we remind ourselves that it’s not the destination — it’s the journey.

Okay, then! Time to rock the fourth quarter — I can’t believe the BSP is getting ready to celebrate its first birthday.


One thought on “Wrap Up of the 3rd Quarter, Year 1

  1. I KNOW what you mean about the heat affecting the psyche!! My job involves strenuous physical labor for up to 6 hours a night (thankfully it IS at night!!). Even being in the middle of the night, inside the metal and concrete box that IS the warehouse, the heat index is often well over 95°! I wound up paying someone almost a week’s pay to cover for me for 2 nights so I could take a MUCH needed cool off break. After 3 months of relentless heat and toiling, my pyche was boiling. Thought I was going to go see a show or two in austin or waco but my mind and body had other plans, namely sleep and staying in Airconditioned Spaces!! Now I’m “ready” to get back to it and sweat my prodigious buns off!! As a side note, this drought is SO bad, not even washing the truck caused any rain!!

    Keepin’ COOL with SnowHAT


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