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How to Bake Chocolate Chip Dashboard Cookies: Celebrating a Texas Heatwave Record!

Weather for Texas heat record

An 86-year old Texas weather record falls.

Y’all know I’ve been fairly grumpy about this Texas summer’s heat, but maybe it’s been worthwhile. Yesterday, August 24th, set the weather record in Austin, Texas for the number of 100+ days at 70 degrees. That record will be broken today, then tomorrow, and so forth for the next couple of weeks.

Brutal as it’s been, it was nice to knock an 86-year old weather record to the ground yesterday, and I wanted to find some way to celebrate.


There’s a task for this badge that asks scouts to use the summer’s sun to brew up some tea or thicken up some fruit jam, both of which I’ve done before and neither of which has ever made me go “Yum, that’s great stuff!”

So I decided on a substitute. I baked chocolate chip cookies on the dashboards of our cars. Yes, it’s been done before, but I’ve never done it, and no one I personally know has ever done it, either.

This excited me much more than brewing a batch of tea, and it worked GREAT. Using both of our cars allowed me to make it a bit of a kitchen science experiment, too. One interior was decidedly hotter than the other, and yes, it reduced cooking time by 30 minutes. I’m also dee-lighted with the video because it’s the first time I’ve used iMovie on the new Mac, and I believe I’m getting the hang of it.

Anyway, it felt good to do something positive with this heat instead of just moan about it… again. Enjoy!

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