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My 100th Post!! Holy Cow!

Yes! This marks the 100th post for the Big Scout Project, which is a small but significant milestone, I think. So to celebrate, I’m devoting this post to following up on a few tasks; just because a task is officially completed doesn’t necessarily mean it isn’t living on in some way or another. It feels like exactly the right time to ask “Where are they now??” So here’s a look back at five tasks…

Update #1: The Tomatoes are dead. Dead, dead, dead, dead.

The dead August garden.

On June 16th, I proudly posted that the spring garden had been planted — and then summer came. I’m not sure how other Austin gardens fared, but by the end of June most of the tomatoes had been harvested. By mid-July, the peppers were done. And about that time we stopped wasting the water.

The good news is our harvest was bigger than it’s been in years past, and we credit that to  having moved the garden to a less sunny spot as well as the worms. The worms helped a bunch.

Hawaiian pineapple grows in Austin.

Another delight: we’ve been completely surprised that the lone pineapple we planted (taken from the top of a pineapple we were given on our trip to Hawaii last fall), seems to be faring pretty well! Mind you, it hasn’t borne fruit, but its simple, steady green growth keeps me happy. To me, that’s a success.

Better luck with a fall garden?

Though the task was officially accomplished months ago, I’m anxious to try a fall garden now, and I’m anxious to try my hand growing from seeds. So this week I started the seedlings indoors; it’s still far, far too hot to risk planting seed directly outdoors. For a total of $15 in seeds and soil, we may find ourselves dining this fall on two types of lettuce, three types of tomatoes, scallions, carrots, beets, and poblano peppers. That’d be very cool.

Update #2: Yes, I’m wearing that jewelry I made!

Worn without embarrassment.

In March I learned how to make beads and make some jewelry, and the short update is: Yes, I’ve actually worn this stuff, several times, and without hesitation.

It’s not like it’s artisan work, but I like plenty, and I like that I like something I made. 🙂

Update #3: How’s General Motors doing these days?

In April, I shared my couch potato analysis of GM Stock for the Money Sense badge. I never bought any shares, but I was wondering how GM is doing now. I expected to see a summer dip, representative of the hit everything in the market took, but this looks a bit depressing to me:

GM Stock 2/28-8/31/11. Sigh…

Yes, our teeny tiny portfolio of stocks took their own hit, too, but I’m kind of glad I left this one alone.

Update 4: Does the toilet still work?

Back in December, I took on a task for the Ms. Fix It badge and fixed our running toilet, and I’m happy to report that the fix has held. Holy crap, indeed. I really did fix the toilet.

Update 5: Will you be hanging last year’s Christmas tree decoration this year?

Reused CDs. Festive, huh??

This one’s kind of painful, actually. Early readers of the BSP may recall I made an odd tree-like decoration for the front door made from recycled compact discs. More than once, I mentioned my belief that this project sort of fell into the category of, “Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should.”

A big focus of the project was on reuse of items that can’t easily be recycled (CDs), so it kind of means I need to keep using it, too. And I guess I hadn’t thought that through.

But when the lights are on, and it’s at its gaudy worst, I can sincerely say that it’s no better or worse than the big blow up plastic Santas and Frostys that dot the neighborhood. So yes, it’s going back up on the door this holiday season.

Post #101 comes next week, along with a fresh round of badge tasks. Thanks for following the BSP!


One thought on “My 100th Post!! Holy Cow!

  1. Congratulations on your 100th post! For the record, what I like about your Christmas decoration is that it truly diverted things destined for the landfill, but it does so in a way that is a conversation starter.

    Jean, thanks for your focus and dedication! You truly embody the spirit of scouting, and I believe Juliet Gordon Low would be proud to see this.

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