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Happy Birthday, Big Scout Project

One year ago today, the BSP emerged from the proverbial womb.  And I expect the response to living with this little project was kind of parallel to the excitement of bringing a kiddo into the world. Some days you know it was one of the coolest things you’ve done; other days you ask, “What was I thinking? I can’t do this.” And it’s never a question of love. It’s just a question of capacity.  That’s okay. Learning our own limitations is an important education in itself.

Something else happened one year ago today. I marched back into the studio to begin recording core tracks for a new CD, Girls, Good & Otherwise.  And one week from today, that baby is finally getting its official release into the world.

Which brings us around to the current series of posts. As mentioned in the last post, there are a good number of tasks that ask girls to consider what kind of career they’d really like to have, how they’d go about making it possible. Isn’t that cool?

That same post started us off on an examination of that dream career, which is easy for me to define: my passion is songwriting, and even though I started this work “late” in life (my 30’s), I easily confess that I’m a fool for music–a career that’s about as profitable as my first great love, theater.


In the next couple of posts, we’re covering tasks across a few badges, the activities are entirely connected to the release of the new CD. If you’ve ever wanted to launch a product or service into the world, consider these tasks and how you might answer them–I’m pretty sure they should not only make you feel fantastic but also bring you to your knees.

Let’s start with an easy one. The Adventures in Girl Scouting asks scouts to simply debate the advantages of working for oneself. Many of the hardest working people I know work for themselves. There are no 9-to-5 hours, and it’s a scramble to find resources and customers to keep growing. Of course, I know more than a handful of people who work for companies and put in just as much or more time at work. So here’s my list of pros and cons:

Of course, in a remarkably uncertain economy, working for others isn’t as secure as it once was for many Americans who’ve lost more than benefits–they’ve lost their paychecks. And for many who are still employed, stress levels are off the charts as they fear more downsizing.

For some, this might be the worst time imaginable to start a business. They’ll keep the security that they have, thank you very much. For others, this might be the best conceivable time to start a business.

For me, I’ve got a wonderful job that I’m more than happy to keep, but it’s also time to rethink the way I live and work as an artist. It means I’ve pretty much been living both lives for awhile now, and it is–let me be clear on this–both exciting and exhausting. I really do wish I had the energy of a 20-something again. I could use it.

The Business Wise badge puts scouts to task of starting–and running–the business of their dreams. Across a variety of tasks, scouts must consider:

  • What product/service their business will provide.
  • Who their customers will be.
  • Where funding will come from.
  • How they will set prices for their product/service.
  • How they will keep track of income and expenses
  • How they will market their product/service

… and they they’re asked to take part in running this business, based on a plan, for at least one month.

I got this covered.

I’ve been working on my plan for releasing the new CD and increasing my opportunities to play quality gigs for several months. In fact, if anyone wonders why I haven’t posted more in the past couple of months, this is one of the reasons. I’ve got funding, pricing, and promotion set up. I’m assessing my audiences. And more importantly, I started from a set of goals and measurable objectives so I’ll know how close I’m coming to hitting my mark.

This tome has been and will continue to be revised on a regular basis, but I think it’s time I shared it. So if you feel like reading a 37-page plan, you should download the .pdf of this September 18 draft right here:

Draft Strategy for Music Marketing & Promo – 9-18-11

In the next post, I’ll use some of the tasks around communications to talk about outcomes, successes, and lessons learned.

And in the mean time, HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY, BSP! Growing pains are good–I’m grateful for the lessons.


One thought on “Happy Birthday, Big Scout Project

  1. can’t believe it’s been a year–happy birthday to the BSP and to you, my dear–soooooo happy that you were born!!!

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