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Make Fresh Flower Floral Arrangements for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving floral arrangement

Thanksgiving floral arrangement: a work in progress!

I adore fresh flowers. Even the simplest bunch of daisies makes me feel rich. I can stroll through a flower shop at the most leisurely of paces, picking up bits of inspiration, something I drew upon for this badge work of making my own floral arrangements.

Truthfully, I’ll take any excuse to have flowers in the house (as if one was necessary), so I’m delighted that there’s an opportunity to do a little badge work with them.


A task for this badge asks scouts to look at a variety of floral arrangements and then try making one. With the holidays coming up, it felt like as good an opportunity as any to take this one on.

I researched techniques for flower arrangement online (thank you, YouTube), and scoured images for inspiration. And here’s what I came up with — and how I came up with it.

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