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Thanksgiving Gratitude

Happy Thanksgiving, friends. I hope this day finds you in the company of people you love. May you eat yourselves silly, laugh til you fall over, sleep it off, and do it all over again.

Some holidays strike you as more meaningful than others, and some years they feel particularly important. Thanksgiving 2011 feels that way to me.

I’m thankful for my families — by birth and choice — and thankful for every one of those folks who’s alive to share the day. I’m thankful that I get to hear my husband’s voice today, hold his hand, laugh at his jokes. I’m grateful that our dog Freida wants to take a nap tucked so close to me on the sofa.

I’m thankful for my health–and thankful to every person in the world who works to ensure my health and the health of others. I’m talking about doctors and nurses, candy stripers, paramedics and volunteers. I grew up scared of the site of my own blood and couldn’t have imagined going into the health care field. But I got a big dose of health care love 10 years ago when I and my dad each went through our bouts with cancer; I’m still here, but dad wasn’t so lucky.

Today, while most of us are enjoying a feast in the company of friends and family, there are health care providers on staff and on call around the country who are giving care to thousands of patients in need. They’re on my mind today, and I’m truly thankful.

Now go eat, and just remember these five words of advice: “Black Friday? Just say no.”


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