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Holiday Puzzles (Complete While Standing in Checkout Lines)

Let the games begin (image via Wikipedia)

Did y’all have a nice Thanksgiving? I sure hope so. Did you get those holiday lights strung yet? Tree bought? Wreath up? Presents purchased? Wrapped? Shipped?

Not yet?

Good for you. There’s a few weeks between now and the Big Day, and I’m not sure where the fire is. Black Friday freaks me out. It’s a stunningly good way to ruin the vibe of a holiday as chill as Thanksgiving.  Why people engage in that insanity is a mystery to me. The gifts will get bought – do they need to be purchased a 5:00 a.m. on a Friday morning? Do people need to trample each other to rush through those doors? Are we living the Christmas spirit when we fight each other over who grabbed the last available box of this year’s must-have gadget first? Methinks not so much.

Still, unless you do all of your holiday shopping online, you’ll invariably encounter long checkout lines. Here’s a little something to help you while away those minutes. It’s a simple set of word puzzles, but it’s easy enough to print out this post, grab a pen, stuff ’em in your bag, and  and take it with you to help kill a little time…


Below are three word scramble puzzles lovingly dedicated to the holiday season now upon us. Each set of scrambles includes ten words or short phrases easily identified with a holiday. Unscramble the words and enter the correct word in the right hand column. You’ll whiz through it, but in case you have tryptophan-induced brain fog, there’s an answer key at the bottom.

I recognize that these three puzzles do not fully embrace all of the events celebrated during this season by good people of different faiths and persuasions. But these are the events about which I know something, so there you have it.

And, as promised, here’s your little answer key:

Enjoy those leftovers!


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