Big Scout Project

Wrap of the 4th Quarter, Year 1

Readers of the Big Scout Project know that the fourth quarter of this first year was my most inactive to date, and those posts reveal why: I busied myself with the release of a new CD. Of course, I used that work to cover a few badge tasks in businesses and careers while I was at it, but the work only tackled a dozen or so tasks.

I’m now one-third of the way through the project’s three-year timeline with a long, long way to go, but we’re kicking off the second year with a bang so far, and my enthusiasm for this work hasn’t waned one bit, even if specific tasks might make me nutty.

So here’s my data-geek analysis of the project in this past quarter…

The numbers:

In  the fourth quarter, the blog received 2,017 hits–significantly higher than the previous quarter!  The top five posts for this period were:

Given how little time was spent on the blog this quarter, I’m just delighted that these posts are finding their way to interested readers.

Only one new video was uploaded in this quarter to the YouTube Channel, but the channel ROCKED this quarter and doubled it’s all time views in just three months, going from 1,923 total views at the end of July to 3,959 at the end of October.  Here are the top five most-viewed videos on the site since the project began:

  • Growing Crystals: Kitchen Science 101 (Posted 12/12/10 – 1,022 views)
  • How to Make a Christmas Tree Door Decoration with Old Compact Discs (Posted 11/28/10 – 820 views)
  • Fun with Polymers! – Part 1 (Posted 12/26/10 – 681 views)
  • Inspired, Inspiring Architecture: Contemporary, Sustainable, and Totally Prefab! (Posted 3/13/11 – 388 views)
  • Fun with Polymers! – Part 2 (Posted 12/26/10 – 193 views)

The Facebook page cracked the 200 “likes” ceiling at which it hovered for some time, and Twitter’s numbers are finally eeking higher. I’m woefully behind in updating the Flickr portfolio, which still has the same measly 121 photos in it from the 2nd quarter…

Coming up…

A new year means fresh energy for the BSP. In addition to rolling up my sleeves and diving into more task work, it really is time to spread the word of this small adventure. Look for more tweets, more Facebook posts, more pictures on Flickr.

And if you’re digging this one woman’s commitment to learn stuff, apply it, and keep living a slightly wider life each day, then subscribe via email or RSS posts, “like” that Facebook page, follow the project on Twitter, and share it with five of your most delightfully geeky friends.


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