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Yes, I Can Now Hang A Picture Correctly

I confess. I’ve put more than a few large holes in walls over the years. It’s not that I was taking out my rage on drywall. It’s that, for years, I couldn’t fathom why a simple small nail, hammered anywhere into any wall, wouldn’t just hold up any wooden frame and picture.

And I was okay with those gaping holes, as long as something covered them. La-di-da, Scarlet, I’ll worry about that another time. And that time always came when I’d go to put a fresh coat of paint on the wall. So it’s probably a good thing that a task for the Ms. Fix-It badge asks scouts to learn how to hang a picture right.


99.9% of you are not going to learn a damned thing here. Y’all have been walking the world with this knowledge (and applying it, I daresay), most of your lives, because you knew what I refused to acknowledge: when it comes to this or pretty much any job, you need the right tools.

I decided to frame and hang two of my various Art Night creations in my studio office. The “pre-scout” Jean would’ve bought a couple of those cheap desk frames, yanked off the picture stand on the back, hung a nail in the wall, and used double-sided sticky tape discreetly at the corners to kind of hold it level.

Not this time, kiddos. For one of the paintings, I actually bought a real frame, and then I used official picture hanging hardware to add wire to the back. I’m not sure why I thought this would be hard — it took all of five minutes. I slipped in the painting and used 1/4″ thick foam poster board for backing.

The other item slated for hanging was painted on a completely uneven chunk of tar paper in the last Art Night, and I couldn’t find a frame or mat that really enhanced it. I chose a pre-made shadow box, and I think it looks great in there, but again, I had to add wire to the back for hanging.

Next step was to put the hardware in the right place on the wall. For that, I pulled out Charles’ trusty stud finder, pretty much just to prove to myself that i could locate the studs in the wall. This, I know, would be really important if the pictures were heavy (they aren’t), and it turns out that the studs weren’t anywhere close to where I actually wanted to hang the picture.

Left to hang ’em in drywall, I learned that this is where the right hardware helps. These doohickeys really work! That nail’s not getting pulled out of the wall for anything! You know what? I’m sold!

So here are my paintings, successfully hung in my office. And I should note that where you see instruments hanging from the walls, Charles mounted those hangers for me, that darling man.

Four Gals

See it up there on the white wall?

Yellow Cock-Eyes

And there we have it.


One thought on “Yes, I Can Now Hang A Picture Correctly

  1. I grew up knowing how to hang pictures. My mom is an artist and I spent much of my younger years hanging art on walls. Just a strange tidbit because for the most part, I can totally relate to this post, take out your picture-hanging issues, and insert just about anything else, cooking, car stuff, dating, dressing, etc. and I’m right there with you.

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