Big Scout Project

Top 5 Resolutions for the BSP in 2012

Resolved in 2012

Happy 2012, everybody. I hope your New Year’s celebration was just perfect, exactly as you wished it to be. Mine was. And yes, I ate the marzipan pig I mentioned in last week’s post.

I’ve been wrapping my head around what to put in a first post of the New Year and keep feeling a profound wish to set some short, simple, public resolutions for this project in 2012.  We can check back a year from now and see how well it all went down….

Resolved for 2012:

1. 100 posts. Seems thoroughly reasonable to me.

2. More guest bloggers. Two guest bloggers appeared in 2011, here and here. I’m shooting for at least 10 guest blog posts in 2012.

3. More physical tasks tackled. As I scan the progress of badge work 14 months into the project, I can’t help but notice that I’m still sitting on my ass for the most part. So I resolve to get moving, literally and figuratively, on those tasks in 2012.

4. More video. I switched from PC to Mac mid-year and my video content for the blog took a nosedive. I love iMovie, but I was a friggin’ whiz at Windows Movie Maker, and I just haven’t gotten my chops up to speed on the Mac. Now’s the time.

5. Spread the BSP love into the world. Yes, this little adventure has flown under the radar for long enough. Time to tweet and more, time to let the little birdie out of its cage. It wants to.

So there we have it, kids. Here’s to a year of simple learning, one task at a time. We’re never to old to learn something new, but there’s no reason to put it off, either.


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