Big Scout Project

Back to the Scene of the Crime: Part 3

Hour 1: Actively contemplating everything I want to “do” before I leave here on Friday.

I’ve decided that the secret to a chill life is a good, hot fire.

Today was beautiful. I painted and wrote and did an experiment comparing the properties of salt and fresh water (details forthcoming), but, dear reader, the finest hours were spent alone on the beach with a simple fire, a requirement of my week here, a necessary homage.

Tend a fire with care and responsibility through its life–and death–and your mind, your breath, your heart rate will slow down. Tend those logs and the voices in your head will start to fade. Tend those embers, and you’ll slip into patience, in spite of yourself.

Hour 3: As chill and still as that fire is hot.

An empty beach sure makes it extra special, but I do believe the results are just as possible in the mountains, and even in a backyard fire pit.

So: unless you’re living in an area with a burn ban in place, consider spending 3-4 hours every once in a while tending to a fire, by yourself. Let it do all the work, so you can be still for a while. Thus endeth the lesson for today…

… But here’s a photo from this morning’s walk, with caption…

“Honey, I’m just gonna step out to get the mail…”


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