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Wrap of of First Quarter, 2nd Year

Kiddos, the BSP is officially well into its second year! In fact, it’s time to submit the most recent quarter’s task work to those fabulous fancy-pants Virtual Troop Leaders (VTLs). And while we wait a few weeks to see if the ladies give the thumbs up for the official tally, let’s look at the latest project stats — they’re fabulous!

The (kind of amazing, to me at least), numbers:

In  the first quarter of the project’s second year, the blog received just shy of 4,000 views — waaaay higher than any other quarter to date! See what I mean??

And what were intrepid readers learning? Well, the top most-viewed posts for this quarter were:

  • Reuse, Recycle, Redecorate! [Christmas Tree door decoration] — 906 views*
  • The Tangrams: Great Name for a Band! — 827 views
  • A Map of the World — 371 views
  • Pottery & Sculpting: File Under “Needs Work” — 242 views
  • Inspired, Inspiring Architecture: Contemporary, Sustainable, and Totally Prefab! — 96 views

But wait, that’s not all — YouTube channel views went hog wild! Three new videos were uploaded in this quarter, but several others got crazy  views in the past three months–8,696 of them, in fact, more than twice the views the channel’s gotten in the whole first year! Take a gander at this monthly YouTube trend chart since the project began:

YouTube Channel Views Since Launch

Again, I say, “Wha??”

Of course, all we need to do is look at the top five most-viewed videos on the YouTube channel in the past quarter to tell us why:

  • How to Make a Christmas Tree Door Decoration — 4,578 views*
  • Fun with Polymers! (Part 1) — 1,024 views
  • Growing Crystals: Kitchen Science 101 — 729 views
  • Inspired, Inspiring Architecture — 524 views
  • How to Make a Scotch Oven (aka Box Oven) — 470 views
* Yes, clearly people are eager to learn how to make a Christmas door decoration out of old compact discs. Thousands of people appear to have been inspired by this small venture here on the blog and on YouTube, even though I clearly state that just because you can do something really doesn’t mean you should.

In other words, I fully expect this holiday surge to wane, but I have to confess — I was pretty friggin’ tickled by these numbers. And while we were at it, a few new pix got uploaded to the Flickr page, we kept posting to the Facebook page, and the Tweets were few and far between, but things are, in fact, looking up.

Coming up…

I’ll post the new official badge task tally after the VTL’s have given their thumbs up or down in the next few weeks. There are still several tasks I started at the beach recently which will be written up and posted in the next few weeks. And finally, I’ll be rolling out a new set of tasks, which actually take some real time to do, and posting some ongoing progress reports. All of this in the next few months.

Finally, if you’re digging this one woman’s commitment to learn stuff, apply it, and keep living a slightly wider life each day, then subscribe via email or RSS posts, “like” that Facebook page, follow the project on Twitter, and share it with five of your most delightfully geeky friends. 


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