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Making Simple Seashell Jewelry

Jewelry making. How to make necklace and earring.

Seashell and bead necklace and earring set

Even though it feels as though it’s been months since I’ve been back to Surfside Beach, TX. It’s only been a couple of weeks, but that’s okay, I’ve still got a bit of the vacation glow in me. It’s because I keep plugging away at some beach-inspired badge tasks, including a task calling for jewelry making from items scouts have found in nature.


I collected an unholy number of seashells on my trip, and a number of them looked like this:

Jewelry making. How to make a necklace.

Seashells with holes naturally “drilled” into them

See those little holes at the top of the shells? That’s how I found them, which makes them a jeweler’s dream — naturally “pre-drilled.” BSP devotees may have noted a comment from astute reader Jamie H. on an earlier post that these holes are the result of “carnivorous snails that drill through the hinge portion to eat the mollusk from within with a long, tubal ‘tongue,’ technically called the radula.”

Go Jamie! (And Jamie… by way of thanks, and because I know you’ve been looking for some of these suckers, I’ve got a passel of them set aside for you — let’s connect!)

Anyway, I took a few of these babies and set out to make some jewelry. Please watch my video on how to make a simple necklace and earring set.

In the next post, I’ll finish up with two more items of jewelry…

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4 thoughts on “Making Simple Seashell Jewelry

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  2. I have a lot of tools @ home, and not only needle nosed pliers, but ones w/rounded pincers make creating a loop really easy! Beautiful work!

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