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It’s Valentine’s Day: Love Thyself!

Children's Valentine, 1940–1950

I’ve been working on a post on the subject of Valentine’s Day for days now and just tossed it in the virtual trash. It was a mildly amusing tale of disappointing celebrations, major disaster, and some personal (wholly unattractive) martyrdom.

None of it matters. What matters, dear scouts, is this: On this day, as with all others, give yourself a little love, a little self-care, a little forgiveness and compassion. We can’t do a very good job of loving others until we take care of ourselves first.

Now, let me be clear: I think partners really should pony up a little something for each other on Valentine’s Day. Why not acknowledge a day for love? And there are red roses on my desk tonight, a gift from my husband, and I’m digging it big time.

But these days, there are always flowers on my desk. I put them there, even if it’s just a single stem. It makes me feel like a million bucks. And you can’t act like a martyr when you feel that good.

So that’s my two cents. When we respect, love, and treat ourselves well first, we do a significantly better job of doing it for others.

Happy Valentine’s Day, you sweetie pies.


3 thoughts on “It’s Valentine’s Day: Love Thyself!

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