Big Scout Project

Quarterly Report Card is In!

Earlier this month, I offered a little data on the BSP’s progress, and in this post, I’m pleased to announce that the Virtual Troop Leaders have wisely approved the task work done in the 1st quarter of the 2nd year. Woo Hoo!

That means we’ve got a total of 190 tasks approved for work on 74 badges so far, and you can always track the project’s progress here.

I’ve got a few big takeaways from this quarter which are about to inform future work.

Loving: Drawing and Painting

Crazy fun to just sit and sketch/paint.

Yes, I’ve really enjoyed those periodic art night classes about which I’ve written, but it wasn’t until I was at Surfside last month that I realized I ***love*** this work. It feels like my eyes become stronger; in fact, it feels as though all my senses were becoming stronger, just sitting and sketching a silly shell. Time took on a slower quality as well–and, for me, that’s a strong, strong test of my love for anything.

So, I’ve decided that drawing and painting will be the core of my work on the “Doing Hobbies” badge, which I’ve not yet begun.

Not So Much With the Love: Jewelry Making

Nice to do, but it’ll never be a passion.

Having now done most of the tasks for the “Jeweler” badge, I can officially tell you that’s it not my thing. Much as I appreciate a beautiful piece of jewelry (trust me, I do), I’ve got no burning desire to up my game in this area.

I share this small personal insight because I’d thought jewelry making might become the focus of the “Making Hobbies” badge, which also hasn’t been started. But I just don’t have the bug.

I’m not sure I have to look too hard, however, to fill this void. I’ve actually got an idea for a garden decor item the likes of which I’ve not seen before. I’m investigating methods for making these items, and the idea looks feasible, I’ll be sharing by summer time. Fingers crossed — it’ll be very cool!

That Which I Dread: All Tasks Requiring Real Physical Exertion

If you were to take a gander at the “Track the Project” page you’d see a bit of a trend there: I’ve avoided a whole lot of tasks that require me to actually get fit. 

It’s a lifelong trend. In fact, my motto has generally been “My idea of running is running for the bus.” The upshot, dear readers, is that I’m in the worst shape of my life, in no shape to tackle a good many of these tasks… yet.

These bad boys may be ugly, but they’re my new sneaks and they feel great.

As it happens, there are a slew of tasks I’ve also avoided for different badges all about being your best–getting in shape, eating well, taking care of yourself. They’re the perfect focus now so I can take on the harder physical tasks 6-12 months from now. A few of them warrant some tweaking, and I’ll be asking for that blessing from the VTLs in the next couple of weeks.

But here’s the thing: these self-improvement tasks aren’t “one-offs.” They’re not the kind of task you can do in a weekend and blog about once. They take time.

And that means that instead of offering just one post summarizing a task’s results, these tasks almost demand progress reports along the way.

And here’s one more thing — a warning for the men who read this blog (yes, they’re out there!). Gentlemen, I’m offering my apologies up front. Many of these posts are going to be of little interest or value to you. Sorry guys, this is just the way it’s gonna be, off and on, for the next several months.

So here’s the goal, clearly stated: In six months time, I’ll be strong enough and fit enough to take on challenging physical tasks I couldn’t possibly manage today.

Can I get an amen? No? Well, maybe all y’all will join me in a collective… sigh…


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