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Introducing the Big Scout Project “Reboot Camp”!

Friends, if you follow the BSP, then you know that every few months I offer a wrap-up of tasks accomplished. I give myself a little pat on the back. And then I take a look at the tasks still to be done and consider some fun tasks for the quarter to come.

So far, I’ve enjoyed tinkering with a little science, dabbling in paints,  crafting a multitude of things, and more. But I can no longer avoid the obvious. I can no longer avoid the fact that I’ve been avoiding All Things Physical.

There’s a whole slew of badges dedicated to sports and straight-up physical activity. And I’ve had to own the fact that I’m in no shape to get out on a court, a field, or a track.

Not skinny — just healthy and defined, 7 years ago this week.

In fact, I’m in the worst shape of my life. I confess, right here, right now: I’ve gained 35 pounds since my wedding — a combination of full-contact inertia, perimenopause, and a thyroid that just stopped working about 3 years ago. More on all of these realities down the pike, but here’s the point: it’s time to put on my big girl pants and get healthy. For real.

Introducing “Reboot Camp”

You know what happens to your PC over time, right? It slows down radically. Programs freeze. Your hard drive whirrs like it’s trying to catch its breath. You may even see the dreaded “blue screen.” You need a serious reboot.

Full-figured in 2011, but more sluggish and slow than I’d like.

And even though I’m a Mac girl now, my body is operating like a 2005 PC operating a lousy beta version of Vista. I need my own reboot. I need to clean my cache, dump those cookies, eliminate a ton of files, and upgrade my operating system.

In other words, Reboot Camp isn’t about one thing — it’s about putting a number of things into place synergistically. Reboot Camp is about building my capacity over the next several months to be the best I can be. It’s about the two big (obvious) issues:

  • Exercise–cardio and weight–to build endurance, strength, and flexibility
  • Diet–to reduce weight in the short term and keep the machine running effectively in the long term

But it’s also about being my best in a few other ways, too. Reboot Camp will cover things like water intake, vitamin supplements, sleep, healthcare, dental care, skin care, and hair care.

You could call it a full-on “makeover,” I suppose, but that word implies a focus on superficial, external qualities. With enough cash, you can do a decent makeover in a weekend. Plus, that word is too… well… girlie. Reboot Camp is about long-term, sustained improvement from the inside out.

Reboot Camp should take about six months. Six months is entirely realistic. And, more to the point, it’ll get me where I need to be in order to do the sports tasks that lay ahead.

Look at those arms — the only workout came from playing guitar!

Connecting Reboot Camp to Badge Work

Lucky me! There are actually all kinds of badge tasks that touch upon every element of Reboot Camp. Tasks devoted to (and I’m quoting here), “Being My Best.” 

The tasks, as written in the GS badge book, are completely appropriate for a ‘tween girl, but they just don’t cut it for a 50+ year old chocolate-craving, mood-swinging gal like me. It’s not enough to “walk three times a week for two weeks” and think my thighs will stop jiggling. Yes, technically, I could earn the task for fulfilling this task, but hell — that’s just not the spirit behind the Big Scout Project!

So I consulted with the Virtual Troop Leaders on this. I put forth a long list of badge tasks from the badge book, and I presented a full plan for Reboot Camp. When camp’s over, I’ll be eligible for credit for those badge tasks. 

From the Oct. 2011 CD release show for “Girls, Good & Otherwise.” The chops are still there, but there’s a reason I don’t let those arms show anymore. And is there a waistline there?

Reboot Camp and This Blog

Transparency is a lovely thing. I’ll be capturing a ton of personal data and offering progress reports along the way. But there will also be plenty of posts on badge tasks that have absolutely nothing to do with this personal quest for self-improvement.

Reboot Camp Disclaimers!!

First, let me be clear: every choice I make, every step I take, is completely personal and mine alone. I am my own guinea pig, and that’s as far as it goes. Everyone is unique, and while I’ll be sharing research along the way, nothing I’ll offer should be considered a substitute for getting your own medical guidance. Got it?

Second, there’s no way around it: I’m a middle-aged woman, attempting to solve the issues of a middle-aged woman. If this isn’t your personal demographic, not every post will be for you. Just sayin’.

So let’s get to it. I’ve got a 30th college reunion coming up!


3 thoughts on “Introducing the Big Scout Project “Reboot Camp”!

  1. Hey, These are great! I watch your blog and love all your pics. I like the black border aronud these! It helps my eye define one pic. from the other. Keep up the great work, it brightens my day when I see you have a new post. Toni

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