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Happy 100th Birthday to Girl Scouts of America!

100th Anniversary of GS in Central Texas

A day full of events for Girl Scouts of Central Texas, March 12, 2012.

A century ago today, the very first girl scout troop was founded in the United States by Juliette Gordon Low. From that first troop, based in Savannah, GA, Girls Scouts of America has grown into a movement that has touched the lives of over 50 million American women, with over 3 million girls and adult volunteers actively involved today.

Isn’t that AMAZING?! This is an enormous part of women’s history in the United States and globally.

Here in Austin, Girl Scouts will be celebrating with events all day at the Texas State Capitol. Friend of the BSP Stacy Lieder will be leading the sing-along on the Capitol steps. C’mon, Stacy — write us guest blog post and tell us about the event!

Followers of the BSP know that I was a pretty lame scout as a girl. I might be coming to the party late, but the Lord loves a late bloomer, and Mrs. Low was a late bloomer herself. In fact, I’ve noted a few other odd synchronicities, and I’m thinking about them today, with appreciation.

Happy Birthday, scouts. This is a big one. Thanks for keeping the trust established by Mrs. Low one hundred years ago and for inspiring girls of all ages–really big ones, too.


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