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Germs (Eeeeuuuw!) and Handwashing

I scammed hand washing as a kid. I turned on the cold water, without soap, played at washing my hands for about five seconds, and declared myself done. Of course, that doesn’t actually get rid of germs, but it’s hard for kids to understand how something invisible can make any kind of real difference. Why waste time on something you can’t see?

But parents, trust me: the video below is a great way to demonstrate to your kids why you gotta use warm soap and water to wash away the germs. Show this to your kids–better yet, do it with them–and see if you don’t turn them into soap users overnight.


I’ll let the video tell the tale, but all you need for this demonstration is some cooking oil and cinnamon. It’ll take all of five minutes. And — big added bonus — your hands will feel amazing afterwards!


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