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What a lovely week! Just spent several days in Bedford, NY celebrating a big birthday for my mother-in-law, and am turning around tomorrow to head to my alma mater for my (gulp) 30th reunion. I am fully prepared to laugh my head off for a couple of days. Frankly, that’s all I care about right now.

But if you’ve been following the BSP of late (and thank you for that!), then you know I’m hard at work getting in shape. Travel can put a dent in those plans. So a quick update: yes, I’ve managed to get in a good bit of walking (even airport walking in O’Hare), but I gave myself full permission to think nothing about a diet during this 8-day period. I’ll get back on that horse, happily, come next Monday.


I’m weary of posting about such things anyway. So here’s a small diversion for you. It’s a task from the “Math Whiz” badge for which a scout must create a simple alphabet code, assigning each letter a sequential numerical value. Here’s the code:

Here’s the code you need…

Scouts now need to script basic equations to spell out a message. For example, if A = 7, E = 11, L = 18 and P = 22, you could spell out the word apple by writing: 3+4 * 10+12 * 2 x 11 * 23-5 * 22/2, in which an asterisk separates letters.

So in the example below, words are separated by a blue vertical line. Letters within words are separated by a red asterisk. Letters are simply determined through the equations.

Here’s a hint: It’s a quote from Albert Einstein, and punctuation marks are left as they appear within the original quote. Try this instead of your daily Sudoku today. Let me know if you get the answer; I’ll post on Monday of next week. Enjoy!

Einstein said it, and it’s worth remembering. Answer in next post!


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