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Make Your Own Box Oven for Camping

Heading into the Memorial Day weekend, I’m reposting some popular camping-related posts from last year. Today, learn how to make a box oven — great for baking outdoors. I still have the one I made in the video below, and I expect it’ll get tucked into the car for this week’s camping adventure!

How to Make a Box (aka Scotch) Oven

(reposted from May 30, 2011)

The box oven is sometimes called a “Scotch” oven because the best boxes are firm, coated liquor boxes.

A what? Don’t you mean a dutch oven? Nope. I mean a scotch oven, so named because a liquor box is perfect for the job. I learned this “technology” at a recent camp training, and I was smitten by its capacity to actually bake a meal or dessert.

In the video below, you can see how a scotch oven is made (incredibly easy), and in the next post, I’ll show you how to actually bake something in it.  Again, apologies for the jittery nature of the video. Methinks my software needs an upgrade or something!

In the next post, I’m baking up some key lime squares and putting them to the taste test.

And oh, yeah — Happy Memorial Day! Hope you’re enjoying the long weekend and unofficial start of summer. Me? I happen to be camping as this blog post goes up… :-)


One thought on “Make Your Own Box Oven for Camping

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