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Happy Father’s Day, Miss You Dad

My father’s Christmas cheer came from the vicarious thrill of watching his children be happy. I expect a lot of dads are like that.

A rare, brief Sunday post to wish fathers everywhere a wonderful, family-focused, and happy Father’s Day.

This blog focuses almost exclusively on women and girls, but I think we can all agree that fathers play a pretty important role in shaping us. A day of remembrance and celebration is surely worth noting.

My dad died 10 years ago, too young, and there’s not a day that goes by that his mark isn’t felt by me, my sister, and our mom. An educator, a community booster, a philanthropist, and occasional actor, my father was a man of big ideas and action.

Dad and me and his beloved Packard.

He believed in a liberal arts education and its capacity to teach us to ask the right questions.  Nothing energized him more than identifying a problem that needed solving. Honestly, I think if he wasn’t busy solving a problem, he was busy looking for one to solve. When faced with my own problems, I often ask myself, “what would dad do?” He was so sincerely enthusiastic, so truly larger than life, that he could steal the air in any room and take it as his own without meaning to.

Dad’s passing cast a wide shadow across family and friends, but my sister and I learned to step more fully into the light, even as we felt his influence each step of the way. I know this has been my best decade yet, and I sometimes wonder if he hasn’t been lighting the way for me this whole time.

Happy Father’s Day, dad. Miss you.



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