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Rebooting the BSP (and Me)!

Summer vacation is over, kids & the BSP is back! In addition to rebooting my body this year, I’ve rebooted the look and feel of this blog, and I hope you like it. There’s more emphasis on photos, to be sure, and navigation is a bit more inspired, too! Everything needs a makeover once in a while, no?

One of the many cool sights from morning walks around Ladybird Lake, this turtle represents the way to go: slow and steady wins the race.

Reboot Camp Post #8!

Back in February, it dawned on me like an anvil to the head that I was so out of shape that I simply couldn’t imagine doing the physical fitness/sports tasks that scout badges require. For those grown-ups like me who still want to be good scouts, we need be in decent shape. We really do.

As with all things, I figured I’d reach my goals for weight loss and basic fitness in a short six months. And, as usual, I should’ve doubled my estimate. At this point in life, slow and steady does it. No, the results aren’t quick, but they’re real.
And check it out! In 30 week’s I’ve lost 22 pounds — 63% of my weight loss goal. Knowing that those last 10 pounds are going to come of very slowly, I fully expect to reach my goal at about the one-year mark:

Thirty weeks, twenty-two pounds, and counting.

My diet (perfected over the summer!), is pretty simple. Monday-Saturday I live a low-carb/slow-carb life. Sundays, however, are “Reward Day”. I eat anything I want, and I mean anything. Beyond delighting the tastebuds, Sunday eating has a way of tricking my metabolism. The normal dieting “plateaus” pass a bit more quickly this way. It. Friggin. Works.
An aside on the whole diet thing… So many of us struggle with weight gain, particularly as we age. Though the multi-billion dollar diet industry has certainly offered us our fair share of options over the years, it seems to me the challenge isn’t getting trim as much as it’s staying trim.For most of our lives, we were been told that a low-fat, high-carb diet was the way to go. Remember the old FDA food pyramid? Here’s the 1992 version — look at all those carbs!

1992 USDA Food Pyramid. Look at all those carbs — including pasta!

One look at that chart and it’s easy to see why our generation gulped down pretzels and pasta–and passed that thinking forward to the next generation. Couple that thinking with the ubiquity of high fructose corn syrup in all processed foods, sprinkle some more refined sugar on top, and voila–we’re not just a few pounds overweight, we’re obese and diabetic.The move to reduce carb intake or limit carbs to those which don’t spike our insulin levels, first popularized by diets like Atkins, met with extraordinary resistance. The official line was “a calorie is a calorie is a calorie”. But science is now catching up with what a lot of us have suspected: moderating carb intake works, and fat calories don’t make you fat. Here’s a great, quick read from the NY Times.

With 320 miles on my fabulous shoes, they may be showing real signs of wear and tear now. 😦

Anyway… here’s my new favorite Reboot Camp motivational quote: Dieting makes you look good in clothes. Exercise makes you look good naked.

Now, I have no plans to pose for Playboy any time soon, but dieting alone doesn’t make me fit enough to get on a basketball court. So this summer included a whole lot of early morning walks, and they have certainly built my stamina for greater exertion once the temperatures cool down here in Texas. They’ve also become central to my happiness.

As of this writing, I’ve walked 320 purposeful miles in 2012. That’s the distance from Philly to Boston… Mobile to Macon… Flagstaff to Albuquerque. I expect to have 500 miles under my feet by year’s end.

And I’ve threatened to run one or two of them. We’ll see. Either way, it’s time for some strength training, core work, some fun, nonsensical badge work, and cooler temperatures.

What did you do this summer????


2 thoughts on “Rebooting the BSP (and Me)!

  1. So, my Life Scout (Boy Scout) and I made a large reflector oven like you did and we took it to summer camp. The boys cooked in it, kept things warm in it and baked the world’s best chicken wings and corn bread you ever tasted in it! I can’t thank you enough! I’m going to take this invention with me to any outdoor merit badge class I teach and show them I learned this from the Big Scout Project (even though the first one I ever saw was made when I was little and in Brownie Girl Scouts). Mrs. (Josephine) Spruce and Mrs. Barbara Wagner, my Scouting Muses moulded my Scout endeavors way too long ago. You brought them into the here and now! If I could figure out how to upload a picture of my son making this or the boys posing near it cooking I will do so. Thanks SOOO much. If you’re ever in Boston, you MUST join us for a visit and we’ll make you talk about how you do what you do. SUCH an inspiration, you are! XOXO, Sue Low

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