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Photo Essay #2: The Little TV


These little TVs really are a window into another time.

I have a small collection, started as a child, of little plastic TVs. You used to be able to find them on shelves in every roadside gift shop across the country, in between the shot glasses and paperweights. I haven’t seen one in about 20 years, even though I keep looking.

Each little TV has its own slide show, images that reflect local landmarks, moments in history, great works of art, cartoons, or culture. They’re a small window into another time.

From America’s oldest roadside hotspot, South of the Border, where Pedro’s weather forecast is always “Chili today, hot tamale.”

A little button advances the images, but that button is broken on a number of my TVs. Big bummer. I’m just glad that my South of the Border TV still works, creepy as those images really are.

Still, I love these cheap monuments to my past. I love how many of the images have faded over time, and the eye struggles to pull them into focus. So I photographed as many as I could, and chose some favorites for this collection.

I shot these images on a little Sony Cyber-Shot point-and-shoot camera, and I used iPhoto to make adjustments to definition, saturation, shadows and highlights.

See the complete photo essay on the new Big Scout Photography blog.



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