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Photo Essay #3: Clouds

I was never the gal who could see an image in clouds. Lying on my back with friends, staring at the sky, I was never the one who could identify the shape of a rabbit, or an old man’s face, or a house; I struggled to see them even when they were pointed out to me.

I was, however, the girl who could tell you what kind of cloud we were looking at, how it was connected to the weather, and it’s approximate distance from the earth.

Ask me sometime about the difference between stratus and cumulonimbus clouds. It’s a real conversation starter.

Photographing clouds seems like a simple enough subject. But I suspect that taking good photos of clouds is a little like learning how to play the blues: easy to learn, hard to master. Here’s my first stab at it, on the photo blog.

I’m working on a number of other photo essays to really earn my Camera Shots badge, but we’ll put those aside for a bit and get back to posting some other kinds of badge tasks.

Til then, enjoy a look at some clouds.


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