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Wrap Up of the BSP’s Second Year

Hard to believe, but this little project has just entered its terrible twos, and it’s been quite awhile since I shared an update on actual progress and growth. The Virtual Troop Leaders have graciously bestowed their approval on a new slew of badge tasks, and that update is right here.

While it may appear as though the task count has slowed, I’m actually at work on several tasks that take real time to accomplish (like, uh, getting into shape). And it’s all good. In fact, to my amazement, the BSP is slowly but surely finding its audience.

Let’s look at the data!

The blog itself is just shy of 25K views. In fact, views more than doubled between years 1 and 2. Just take a look:

Just short of 25,000 views. Holy cow!

Seasonal trends are pretty interesting! Clearly, the summer doldrums set in during the 3rd quarter of each year. Nonetheless, the only good words that come to mind in looking at overall trends are, “Damn, that’s cool.”

Most popular posts of all time?

  1. The Tangrams: Great Name For a Band (4,816 views)
  2. Reuse, Recycle, Redecorate: Christmas Tree Door Decoration (1,633 views)
  3. A Map of the World (1,405 views)
  4. Pottery & Sculpting: File Under “Needs Work” (1,364 views)
  5. Inspired, Inspiring Architecture: Contempoarary, Sustainable and Totally Prefab! (654 views)

Of course, this count is a bit deceptive; these top posts are among the earliest and have had the longest “shelf life.” But there’s no denying that there appears to be a strong and ongoing need to learn about tangrams.

Anyway, the BSP’s growth extends to social media, too. While the Facebook page stays fairly flat (pretty please “like” the project there if you haven’t already!), the Twitter profile’s followers have more than tripled this year.

I’ve learned that it helps, of course, if you actually tweet. So there’s that.

But the biggest growth has come from the BSP YouTube channel. The videos have attracted everyone from crafters to cranks–and more than a few 12 year old boys looking how to make polymers. They have foul mouths, as witnessed by several comments. Not sure why I haven’t gotten around to taking some of those remarks down. Maybe because I’m just fascinated by their existence.

Anyway, with a current tally of 120,000 video views, here’s a chart of the YouTube growth:

The YouTube videos now have gotten 120,000 views!!

Top-viewed videos?

  1. Fun With Polymers, Part 1 (78,451 views)
  2. Fun With Polymers, Part 2 (15,551 views)
  3. How to Make a Christmas Tree Door Decoration (6,968 views)
  4. Growing Crystals: Kitchen Science 101 (5,709 views)
  5. Make Your Own (Easy!) Seashell Jewelry (2,799 views)

So, there we have it. Happy birthday, once again, to the Big Scout Project.

And as always, if you’re enjoying this small D.I.Y. adventure in lifelong learning, I hope you’ll subscribe to the blog via email or the RSS feed, share it on Facebook, Tweet about it, and tell a dozen of your closest friends about it.

Thanks for following!


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