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Photo Essay #4: My Romantic Neighborhood

Wide streets, small houses. Culturally diverse, homogenous structures.

Wide streets, small houses. Culturally diverse families living in homogenous structures.

This is my street. Like all of the streets in this subdivision, the roads are wide but the homes are small. Even though there’s wide cultural diversity in this working class subdivision, the houses are quite homogenous.

The name of this 1980’s subdivision is Buckingham Estates. Sounds pretty high brow, doesn’t it? Sounds like we regularly make time for high tea and polo matches.

In truth, these homes were built with very little attention to fine detail. But the trees are now grown, the crime rate is pretty low, and I think it’s one of the last really affordable neighborhoods in south Austin.


Both of these badges include tasks that ask scouts to walk their own neighborhoods and record interesting sights.

I think this speaks for itself.

I think this speaks for itself.

Now, I’ve thought of the ‘hood as remarkably unremarkable for most of the 12 years I’ve lived here. But I started walking the dog a lot more in 2012, and it turns out that even the most unremarkable can be viewed through the lens of (even heart-breaking or lonely) romance.

Follow this link to see my romantic neighborhood on the BSP photo blog. All photos were shot in 2012 with my iPhone 4S, then treated with one or multiple filters in Picasa and/or the Romantic photo app for Mac.

Click here to see the whole photo essay.

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