Today is National Girl Scout Cookie Day!

National Cookie DayOh, yeah, people! Today is National Girl Scout Cookie Day, and if there was ever a reason to slip on your New Year’s diet resolution, this might be it.

Now, I HATED selling cookies as a kid, and I still hate selling pretty much anything as an adult. Things might be different for me today, however, if anyone had explained the value of learning how to sell.

And while I write this with my tongue partially planted in the side of my cheek, GSA is really serious about this: selling cookies is a great way to build five important foundational skills in girls:

  • Goal-setting
  • Decision-making
  • Money management
  • People skills
  • Business ethics.
All of this might well be true (and you can read more about this philosophy here). But sometimes you just want to eat a cookie.
Which is why it still drives me nuts that it’s not always easy to find these treats, even at the height of cookie season. Maybe this is why GSA has turned to technology to help us all find a cookie close to us.
Need to find a cookie near you? Plug in your zip code right here and get a local listing. Got your smart phone handy? Then download the Android cooking finder app, or try the iPhone cookie finder app.Finally, let these young women tell you why you should stop and have a conversation when you’re out buying those Thin Mints. (Official National Cookie Day video:
My favorite cookie? Samoas! Yours??



3 thoughts on “Today is National Girl Scout Cookie Day!

  1. I fell in love with a specialty cookie our council carried for a couple of years. Animal Treasures. Think big square Keebler grahams with the chocolate on the bottom. Except these were a shortbread and made great S’mores!

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